Applications for admission are available at the campuses or as PDF files, and are accepted at any time during the year. We accept applications for children at all age levels, including those who are still too young to enroll.

Applications are kept on file and your child is added to our waiting list; it is not necessary to resubmit an application every year. Parents who have an application on file are notified as potential openings occur. If space allows, we admit qualified students at any time during the school year. A $125 application fee is due when an application is submitted. You can download an application and mail it to us with a check or click here to fill out the application and pay online.

Application Forms (PDF Format)

OMS Application – Toddler Community & Primary (Ages 2 years-6 years)*

OMS Application – Elementary (Ages 6-12)*

OMS Application – Junior High (Ages 12-15) – Coming Soon!

Note: To view these applications, you may need to download the free Adobe Reader.


Parents on the waiting list are notified when an opening arises. At that time, a meeting is scheduled with the director to discuss the school’s programs, mission and policies, and to answer any additional questions you may have. The classroom teachers may contact you to set up a 20-minute observation session (for the parent only), and a 20-minute transitional visit, for your child to visit the classroom with you, to get acquainted with the environment.

There is an added opportunity for Elementary (and Junior High – when program commences) students to spend a day at school as well. For Elementary (and Junior High – when program commences) applicants, we request school records, teacher recommendations, and an interview with the student and parent(s).

Admissions Policies

At each step in the admissions process, we strive to give prospective families as comprehensive a view of our mission as possible, and of the ways in which we fulfill it in partnership with each family. That way parents can feel informed and confident in their choice of school, and Orion Montessori School will be strengthened by families who are committed to realizing a successful educational experience for their children.

We strive to balance our classes by age and gender. Priority consideration is given to qualified students in this order: siblings of currently enrolled families, families receiving governmental financial assistance, students transferring from other Montessori schools, and then all other qualified applicants.

Scholarship Information

Orion Montessori School offers financial aid and scholarships to our students on a case-by-case basis to families who are in need of this benefit, to attend OMS.

In order to be considered for financial aid, you must have an enrollment application on file with the school. Download the application form from the ‘How to Apply Page.’ Fill out and submit it online or via postal mail with your $125 per-family enrollment fee.

Parents fill out their financial aid forms online through FAST, an external service that determines each family’s financial resources available to use for tuition and then makes a corresponding recommendation to the school. The final financial aid/scholarship decision and awards is the responsibility of the OMS board and financial aid committee. Through its financial aid policies, Orion Montessori School is committed to doing everything it can to keep our current families and to support economic diversity within the school.

If you’re interested in a financial aid package at OMS, please submit a FAST application here.

In addition, you will need to bring a copy of your tax return to OMS for our records, aside from submitting one online with FAST.


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