I am very happy I decided to enroll my son at Orion. I can tell he loves it and I feel he is thriving. He always asks to go to school in the morning and talks about his teachers with joy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place were your child is well taken cared off and comes home everyday with a smile on his face.

Sandra C.
Current Parent at OMS

Love the school. The school is clean, teachers care and the curriculum is truly child focused Montessori. As parents we got not only the opportunity to see the material but also use the classroom material our child uses in a one day program called ‘Silent Journey’. The program was on a Saturday when school was closed. Parents were provided the Montessori experience with ample time to learn every material in the classroom so that we could understand the principles. I think doing that was really cool as its easy to understand the kid at home.
My child is 4 years old and has learnt a great deal in the past year without bringing home any tracing or reading homework. She can read small sentences and write the alphabets. There is a lot of attention on gross and fine motor skills, my kid is doing good at pouring work, setting up table, winding up her work and organizing things etc – so very happy with all that .
She loves the music class and sings a lot of songs she learnt at school and makes our Alexa sing them too 🙂

Sanjay C.
Ex-Parent at OMS

LOVE Orion! Couldn’t be happier with the methodology and execution. Highly recommend to families looking for a child focused curriculum.

Jill T.
Current Parent at OMS

This is my long pending review . We moved to California in 2015. We were looking for a good preschool for my daughter and we visited ‘n’ number of places before we met Shri in Orion Montessori and I had lot of confidence that she will be in very good hands. Orion Montessori School is a focused , safe and clean facility. The teachers are awesome . Special thanks to Mrs. Tania and Mrs. Hema. She had learnt a lot and especially the school taught her how to be a caring human being and responsible citizen. My daughter remembers each and every moment that she spent in school. Thanks a lot Orion Montessori.

Leena C.
Current Parent at OMS

When it comes to choosing the Best School for our children its Orion Montessori , Both of My beatiful children go here my 2 year old boy has become an independent little boy has done things a 5 year old is starting to learn.

Merita Lopez
Ex-Parent at OMS

My daughter started at Orion in the toddler class, and graduated to primary. She has positively thrived under Orion’s care. They truly allow each child to develop at their own rate, while encouraging them along the way. The teachers have helped my daughter navigate many critical transitions – from potty training, to the arrival of a new sibling – with grace, and honesty in the best interest of the child.

Tara Kelly
Ex-Parent at OMS

It has been a truly wonderful journey for my son at Orion Montessori. Orion being his first school, he started in toddler level and recently graduated to primary level. I strongly believe that Orion Montessori’s vision, their strict adherence to Montessori philosophy and the guidance of caring and qualified teachers, enables my child to master the self-directed challenges at his own pace. Every classroom at Orion is thoughtfully arranged. It conveys a sense of harmony and order which is safe, comforting and inspiring for my child to learn and grow. The result is evident, my son is growing to be independent, he is able to learn and master all activities of his choice, with little or no help. It is a delight to watch my child, walk in and out of school cheerful everyday. I am happy and proud to be associated with Orion Montessori School.

Seema Prasad
Current Parent at OMS

OMS is really amazing school. My son was in the school for 3 years and my daughter for one year. Both love the school and their teachers so much. There is amazing balance between academic study and playing so kids are learning by fun and professional way. The school has amazing family environment so your kids will totally love it once they join the school. The school has gymnastics, french, music and art classes there is also Mandarin and spanish classes. All teachers in OMS loves their work and each child is treated as if he is their own, they truly care and so professional. The CEO and director of operation are amazing, they are doing all they could to make it wonderful environment for the kids, teachers and the parents. If we didn’t move to another area, we would never leave the school. I totally recommend it and I am missing the school already.

Rehab Reda
Ex-Parent at OMS

Our son was just 2 years old when he first attended Montessori pre-school and Ms. Shriee Srinivas was his very first teacher. She helped him in so many ways in his early days encouraging him in his activities, teaching him patience and courtesy, helping him learn to work in a group setting with other children, and fostering his ability to make friends and meet people. Ms. Shriee was so very patient and kind with him and came up with so many different creative ways to keep him engaged and to develop and foster the children as a group. Her calm and kind demeanor always reassured us and helped assuage our anxiety in those early days. Sean has grown to be a confident and mindful seven year old because of the influence that Ms. Shriee had on him in his first year. I am sure that every child will benefit from her experience and kindness.

Thomas Kurian
President, Oracle Corporation

My daughter enjoys Orion Montessori very much. The staff is caring and dedicated to every child. This is an authentic Montessori so the quality of education is excellent. The director, Shriee has many years of experience. Although this school is new, I have full confidence that it will continue to develop into an amazing place. Orion Montessori will be extending their school to offer an elementary beginning 2016/2017 as well. I have toured many schools in San Jose and only a couple exceed my expectations and this is one of them.”

Christine Laursen
Primary OMS Parent

The founder and owner Shriee is absolutely AMAZING! This school is just PERFECT and incredible. The staff is very caring professional and courteous to ALL the children. If you are looking for a TRUE Montessori school you have found it. This is the greatest gift you can give your children. I thank her everyday for creating such a wonderful perfect environment for my children!

Liz Itterly-Williams
Toddler OMS Parent

Shriee is a wonderful teacher, and has created a very happy environment for her students. We noticed a definite positive effect in our son’s behavior and politeness very shortly after he started attending Orion, and are very happy with our decision to send him here.

Ryan Downey
OMS Primary Parent

“Shriee was my children’s teacher at a different Montessori preschool before she started her own school, and she is truly an amazing teacher. She is compassionate and takes Montessori education seriously and applies the embedded principles of respect and love of learning to her work every day. She creates a wonderful safe, nurturing environment for children to learn and grow, at their own pace, but keeping them challenged. If I had preschool age children again, I would definitely want Shriee to be their teacher again and send them to Orion.

Christina Hildebrand

I thank Shriee and the teachers at OMS so much everyday for making my daughter’s schooling experience at OMS so special each and every day! They have included my daughter in so many ways that is beyond special which many schools in the past have not done nor do they treat your children with such love and care! I’ll be really thankful to Shriee and the teachers my whole life for every thing they do for my daughter. I have such immense respect for Shriee and the teachers at OMS. My daughter who never used to speak is not only speaking in full sentence structures, but has learned to care, love, and be compassionate to those around her, and her conversational English has improved beyond measures! My daughter learns a lot everyday from Shriee and the teachers at OMS. I will MOST DEFINITELY be sending my son to OMS very early on so he can be a reflection of all that OMS is, in the individual he grows to be! I can’t say thank you enough, but THANK YOU, Shriee and the teachers at OMS.

Hina Sidhu
current parent of OMS Primary (3-6 years) child

“Ms. Shriee Srinivas is a truly gifted, compassionate teacher who is exceptionally skilled at bringing out the best in a child. Our son was fortunate to have his first experience of school in her classroom, and it built a strong foundation that has fostered his ongoing love of school and learning. We are very grateful that our son’s first school experience was such a safe, successful and fun one!

Allison Kurian
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

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