Enrollment applications for admission are provided after private tours and must be submitted prior to acceptance. Enrollment applications for all levels and programs are accepted at any time during the year.

OMS offers waitlist and guaranteed placement options. There is a $125 waitlist fee to be placed on the waitlist group whereas the guaranteed list offers priority and guaranteed placement with a non-refundable initial deposit of $175 application fee, $700 enrollment and registration fee, (and a one-time $70 cot fee, applicable, for children who nap.)

Upon application acceptance, initial dues will be invoiced via email and can be paid online.

Openings & Enrollment

Parents on the guaranteed list are notified first of open and available spots. If families on the priority list choose to forego their spot, then the potential families on the waitlist are contacted regarding enrollment.

Once your child is enrolled at OMS and all the registration modalities are complete, the classroom teachers will contact you to set up two or three 30-minute transitional visits for your child to visit the classroom with you and get acquainted with the environment and build familiar points of contact prior to starting school.

Elementary students have an additional opportunity to spend a day at OMS. For Elementary applicants, we request school records, teacher recommendations, and an interview with the student and parent(s), prior to enrollment.

Admissions Policies

At each step in the admissions process, we strive to give prospective families a comprehensive view of our mission and ways in which we fulfill the partnership with each family. In this manner, we hope prospective parents feel informed and confident about their choice of school, and feel strengthened in committing to realizing a successful educational experience for their children.

We strive to balance our classes by age and gender. Priority consideration is given to qualified students in this order:

1. siblings of currently enrolled families
2. students transferring from other Montessori schools
3. all other qualified applicants.

How can we help you?

We invite you to schedule a visit and experience Orion Montessori School!

We invite you to schedule a visit and experience Orion Montessori School!